Crime Series (English)  Looking for producers

On the run for a death she may or may not have caused, an emotionally troubled woman must face conspiracies and betrayals that threaten the lives of her loved-ones and herself.

The story can be adapted as a series or saga.

*** Won the second prize of the 2015 New York Screenplay Contest. ***


Feature length screenplay fantasy/romance/thriller (English)  Looking for producers

The ghost of a troubled student must help her living boyfriend find her killer before he strikes again. 


Short comedy/drama/romance (English) – Produced in 2017

Two girlfriends. Two dates. A misunderstanding. When life gets in the way...


Short drama/romance (English) – Produced in 2017

Two girlfriends realize they have feelings for the same guy. Will it be the end of their friendship?


Short romantic comedy (English)  Produced in 2016

Eva and David are roommates. When feelings get in the way, things get complicated.


Crime Web Series (French/English)  Two episodes produced in 2015

A French-Amercian woman flees a crime scene in Paris and moves to the U.S.