Produced screenplays:

2017HOPES - Short drama/romance (New York)

         Two girlfriends. Two dates. A misunderstanding. When life gets in the way...

2017GIRLFRIENDS - Short drama/romance (New York)

         Two girlfriends realize they have feelings for the same guy. Will it be the end of their friendship?

2016 - FEELINGS - Short comedy/romance (New York)

         Eva and David are roommates. When feelings get in the way, things get complicated.

2015GUILT - Crime web series (Two episodes produced in San Francisco)

         A French-American woman flees a crime scene in Paris and moves to the U.S.

Other screenplays:

ILLUSIONS - Crime series

        On the run for a death she may or may not have caused, an emotionally troubled woman must face conspiracies and betrayals that threaten the lives of her loved-ones and herself.

        Won the second prize of the 2015 New York Screenplay Contest. The story can be adapted as a saga.

MOMENTS - Feature length screenplay fantasy/romance/thriller

        The ghost of a troubled student must help her living boyfriend find her killer before he strikes again.